martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Agitacja reports: Dj Oscar @ Alabardieri

Grande serata agli Alabardieri! Grazie a tutti gli intervenuti ed ecco la Oscar Dj playlist:

1Siouxsie and the Banshees-Icons, 2 The Cure- Disintegration,3 Killing Joke- >Complications, 4 The Cure-Play for Today 5, Throbbing Gristle- Still Walking, 6 >Tuxedo Moon- Incibus, 7Johnnie Foxx- Plaza,8 Killing Joke Requiem, 9 The Damned >Love Song, 10Dead Kennedys- California uber alles 11 Devo GirlU want 12 Ruts Babylon's Burning,13 Buzzcocks - Boredom, >14- Discharge- Visions of War, 15 Black Flag- Six Pack, 16 Black Flag- Rise >Above, 17 Wretched In nome del loro potere tutto è stato fatto, 18 CCCP- cccp >19 CCCP Live in Pankow, 20 Daf - der Mussolini 21 Bauhaus- >Stigmata Martyr, 22 Bauhaus S. Vitus Dance,23 Not Moving Behind your Pale Face, >24 The Gun Club-Sex Beat,25 Christian Death- Romeo's Distress26 The Sister of >Mercy- Temple of Love 27, Joy Division All of this for you, 28 Joy Division >Atrocity Exhibition, 29 Tuxedo Moon Volo Voivace, 30 Cabaret Voltaire Eddie's out

E la sonderselektion di Captain Throbbing:

A flock of seagulls: Wishing

The flys: Love and a molotov cocktail

A certain ratio: All night party

Monte Cazazza: To mom on mothers day

Death in June: We drive east

Kraftwerk: Geiger counter+Radioactivity

Demolition group: The model

Z-Entropa: Antenna

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