martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Playlist Soundrift @ E.riders II 18.12.2011

Playlist Soundrift @ E.riders II 18.12.2011

Track Name Artist

The Charge To Action Phurpa

Coil Manifesto read by John Balance in 2001 Coil

Anal Staircase (Dyonisian Mix) Coil

Tear Gas The Peoples Republic Of Europe

Eat Beat Eat #2 Merzbow

Katastrophenalarm Stainless.4571

women & noise Catastrophe Noise

Hemen Nago Esplendor Geométrico

Black Sun Demdike Stare

God Of Fifty Names Mz.412

Denard Genocide Organ

Hope Like a Candle BLACKHOUSE

I Made Love With Myself... Now I'm Dead TODAY, I'M DEAD

Western Failure Green Army Fraction

Le Drapeau Noir Militia

Deathsquad / Theological Genocide Stimbox

Old Recipe For Modern Society Kryptogen Rundfunk

The Last Dream Of Jesus Haus Arafna

Nazis of the night Club Moral

Cinema Die Form

Oltre Die Form

You Don't Have To Say Please Whitehouse

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